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Cocaine addiction effects, signs & symptoms

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Drugs possess a strange power to destroy an individual’s life. Their ginormous intake, termed as drug abuse, can lead to the obliteration of mankind. Cocaine is one such drug when consumed, can lead to the devastation of a man’s existence. Individuals addicted to cocaine can surely list down certain negative effects of the drug.

How can one get to know about the addiction intensity?

It can be concluded by weighing some signs and symptoms. Some of the most common cocaine addiction symptoms are talkative habits, mood swings, weight loss, excitability, and nose bleeds. These are observed mostly by the individuals themselves and require little outsider observation. Other subtle cocaine addiction symptoms include social isolation, risky behaviours, changes in sleeping and eating patterns and increased need for privacy. Close associates and acquaintances of the addicted individual notice this change in behaviour more intensely than the individuals themselves.

Symptoms of Cocaine addiction:

Symptoms are different from signs. Signs are mostly clinical diagnostic results arrived at by a professional therapist or other people than the person himself. Cocaine addiction signs are a lot more severe and intense than other drugs can ever afflict. Euphoria, poor judgment, delusions, hallucinations, depression, apathy, enlarged heart, cardiac arrest, and paranoia are some of the diagnosed signs in addicted people. The cocaine addiction signs may seize for some time, after reduction or stoppage of intake, only to return with much greater effect on mental health.

What are the effects of this dangerous drug?

Cocaine addiction effects consist of a long list of mental health issues and other bodily disorders. They can be divided into long term and short term effects. The short term effects include disturbed sleep patterns, nausea, dilated pupils, hyper-stimulation, bizarre behaviour and loss of appetite while the long term cocaine addiction effects include malnutrition and severe weight loss, high blood pressure, permanent damage to the blood vessels of the heart and the brain, tooth decay, psychosis, reproductive damage, and infertility. Such grave and critical are the cocaine addiction effects that they caused various governmental agencies to explore various paths on controlling and possibly eradicating the drug’s use altogether.

The Canadian center for Addictions published a paper on how to get rid of cocaine addiction, effectively shedding light on some unknown facts. Staying at a detox center will surely help get rid of this dangerous dependence. Filing up your idle time, enrolling in counseling sessions, building a closely-knitted support system and abstaining completely from the drug are some ways by which one can get rid of your cocaine addiction. Any rehab center will work wonders for an individual trying to overcome their cravings. Some other tips to cure this addiction include recognizing triggers, exercising daily, maintaining a healthy diet, managing certain stressors and changing your company of accomplices.

Cocaine or usage of any other precarious drug for that matter is nothing but a grave mistake on humanity’s part. So, fight staunchly against today’s urge to brighten up your tomorrow, fight for a better life in decades to come.

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